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20-year old talented vocalist/songwriter/producer Karl Killing started out his solo career by releasing his first-ever solo track called ‘High Heels‘ in autumn 2020. Artist’s second single ‘Kiss Me’, which was written and produced by himself, was chosen to be part of the Estonian pre-selection for Eurovision. The track did well in the competition and was voted to finals by the public.
Karl’s main focus & passion has always been music – he’s been writing music since he was 14 and started developing his producing skills at this age as well. He is spending most of his time in the studios – writing, producing new music for himself as well as for other artists.
Despite his young age, Karl is the writer and producer behind multiple popular tracks for well-known Estonian artists, and has also written and featured on a single ‘Cold Fumes’ with producer duo WATEVA (2,8M Spotify streams). Last year saw Karl releasing his singles ‘friday nights‘ and ‘powerless‘ as well as an Estonian version ‘segadus hinges (ft. Ariadne‘).
His most recent single “hoia end” has been one of the top songs in Estonia in 2023.