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The Estonian rapper nublu took the local scene by a complete surprise a few years ago. No one saw his meteoric rise to stardom coming, not even him. For the first half of 2018 people just couldn’t get enough of his breakthrough single “Droonid” and in the second half his “Mina Ka” became the anthem of the year. Even in 2022 the latter is still staying strong in the top 40 most streamed songs in the country. People sing along every word wherever he performs the song, as they do for most of his singles. It’s very common to see him dominate Estonian streaming and radio play charts with multiple songs at a time. The masked poet hasn’t gone unnoticed abroad either. He’s had sold out shows in Finland, Scotland and the United States, transcending all kinds of language barriers with his music. In December 2020 nublu released his debut album “Café Kosmos” featuring one of the most successful Estonian-Finnish music collaborations to date. “Universum” with Mikael Gabriel reached Spotify number one and YouTube most viral in both countries.